Missing Link
A “superfood supplement”, created for dogs, cats, birds and horses. Missing Link products can solve problems from dry, itchy skin, to achy joints, to digestive health issues.

Nature's Miracle
The original stain and odor remover and the only one used by Delhi and Harrison Pet Center. Check out their new line of grooming products and training aids.

The ultimate in fish care. Check out their fish food, filters, water conditioners, pond supplies and aquatic decor.

Marineland is on the cutting edge of filtration, lighting and aquarium heating. Quality products that we can stand behind.

All the supplies you need for your reptile, amphibian, insect or arachnid. Innovative products that are designed with a natural environment in mind.

Got a furry friend in your home? Super Pet has everything you need for your fuzzy family member! From cages, bedding, food, treats and toys... Super Pet knows what your pet needs.

Poochie Bells
Does your dog have trouble letting you know when it’s time to “go”? Poochie Bells can help! No matter how old or young, you can teach your dog to “ring, ring” these colorful and fun bells when he needs to be let out!

Angel Eyes
Does your beautiful dog or cat have unsightly tear stains? Angel Eyes is specially formulated to eliminate tear stains from the inside out with a delicious formula your pet will love. No dyes, no wheat.

Pet Odor Eliminator Candles
Deliciously scented candles that burn up to 60 hours and destroy any odor with special enzymes. With scents that range from apple cinnamon to cantaloupe to bamboo breeze... they have a scent for everyone!